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    • A table with various dishes including noodles, salad, a burger, a sauce bottle, and small dipping sauces, with a menu placed nearby.
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      West Maui Gems

      While restaurant choice is completely personal and subjective, here’s a few of our favorites for you to consider during your stay. Need more ideas? Visit our concierge.

      • Kihei Caffe, Lahaina (Breakfast)
      • Hula Grill
      • Leilani's on the Beach
      • Monkeypod Kitchen
      • Maui Brewing Company, Kaanapali
      • Two cups of shaved ice, one red and brown, the other yellow, on a colorful wooden table outdoors with parked cars in the background.
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        Favorite Local Treats

        Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice
        Snow cones and shave ice are similar yet different. What makes it uniquely Hawaiian is that the texture of the ice is shaved and not ground ice like snow cones, and the flavors are more exotic.

        Hawaiian Coffee
        Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee, and so it goes without saying, we’re no stranger to a good cup of Joe. Next time you’re in Maui, try out one of our many local coffee shops.

        Brought to Hawaii by the Portuguese in 1878, Malasadas are a fried dough that tastes very similar to beignets or some have said they bear resemblance to Krispy Kreme donuts.

        Farm Stands and Farmers Markets
        Fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and baked goods are some of the many things you’ll want to bring back to your condominium. Many farm stands also offer free farm tours, so be sure to ask.