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    • A serene beach scene with tall palm trees, sandy shore, a few covered beach chairs, calm ocean water, and a backdrop of clouds and mountains.

      West Maui

      Ka’anapali Beach

      Located about two miles north of Lahaina along West Maui's shore, Ka’anapali Beach is a three-mile stretch of golden sands with shallow entry, perfect for beginner and leisure swimmers. Connected by a beachfront paved path, you can walk to nearby Whalers Village and Black Rock, a popular spot for snorkelers and scuba divers and famous for one of the area’s most awe-inspiring attractions – the sunset torch lighting and cliff diving ceremony.

      • The image shows a close-up of an ocean wave about to crest, with a partly cloudy sky in the background.

        North Shore

        Ho’okipa Beach Park

        Tucked along the North Shore in Paia, Ho’okipa Beach Park has long been recognized as one of the world’s top windsurfing destinations. Host to two major world-class surfing competitions, Ho’okipa beckons expert windsurfers, kiteboarders, surfers, and casual sightseers. While strong winds and dangerous currents limit surfing to experts, the site's coral reef creates a pond-like area ideal for leisurely dips during low tide.

        • A serene beach scene with golden sand, turquoise water, palm trees, and a few beachgoers enjoying the sunny weather.
          • TOP MAUI BEACHES

          South Shore

          Wailea Beach

          Nestled along Mau’s southern coast, Wailea Beach is consistently rated as one of the world’s best beaches for its silky-smooth sands, gentle waters, and vibrant marine life. With small waves and shallow waters, Wailea is perfect for beginner boogie boarding or body surfing. Venture out into the rocky outcroppings that define both ends of the beach for some of the best snorkeling along the south shore.

          • A person sits on the shore with a surfboard resting on their knees, waiting by the water.
            • TOP MAUI BEACHES

            East Side

            Wainapanapa State Park

            Located at the end of Waiʻanapanapa Road off Hana Highway Waiʻānapanapa State Park is a 122-acre state park. A remote and wild volcanic coastline, Waiʻānapanapa is home to a myriad of natural wonders like a stone arch, blowhole, native hala forest, legendary caves, and anchialine pools. For those that enjoy hiking, there are two sections along old King’s Highway that you can hike through to connect directly to Hana.

            • A man on a golf course swings a club, with a scenic background of greenery, palm trees, buildings, and a partly cloudy sky.
              • GOLF

              Kaanapali Golf Courses

              Kaanapali Golf Courses offer 36 championship holes located in the Kaanapali Beach Resort.

              Kaanapali Tournament Royal (North) Course:
              One of only two courses in Hawaii designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. the Kaanapali Royal Course boasts decades of memorable events in professional golf history. The Royal Course has been home to the World Cup, Women's Kemper Open, Champions Tour, and the Champions Tour Skins Game. At 6,700 yards, this par 71 course will challenge your club selection and putting skills.

              Kaanapali Kai (South) Course:
              Designed by architect Arthur Jack Snyder, at 6,400 yards, this par 70 course is a more forgiving course with subtle, undulating greens that accommodate all levels of play.
              Professional instruction is available along with a well-stocked pro shop with logo apparel for great souvenirs.

              Contact Kaanapali Golf Courses for more information and tee times at 808-661-3691.

              • A golf club preparing to hit a golf ball on a tee placed on a grassy surface.
                • GOLF

                Kapalua Golf Courses

                Kapalua Resort, located on Maui's northwest shore approximately 10 miles from Puunoa Beach Estates offers the Bay Course and The Plantation Course, home to the PGA TOUR's Sentry Tournament of Champions. Kapalua is also home to the Kapalua Golf Academy, a state-of-the-art instructional facility.

                Contact Kapalua Golf for more information and tee times at

                • A table with various dishes including noodles, salad, a burger, a sauce bottle, and small dipping sauces, with a menu placed nearby.
                  • DINING

                  West Maui Gems

                  While restaurant choice is completely personal and subjective, here’s a few of our favorites for you to consider during your stay. Need more ideas? Visit our concierge.

                  • Kihei Caffe, Lahaina (Breakfast)
                  • Hula Grill
                  • Leilani's on the Beach
                  • Monkeypod Kitchen
                  • Maui Brewing Company, Kaanapali
                  • Two cups of shaved ice, one red and brown, the other yellow, on a colorful wooden table outdoors with parked cars in the background.
                    • DINING

                    Favorite Local Treats

                    Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice
                    Snow cones and shave ice are similar yet different. What makes it uniquely Hawaiian is that the texture of the ice is shaved and not ground ice like snow cones, and the flavors are more exotic.

                    Hawaiian Coffee
                    Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee, and so it goes without saying, we’re no stranger to a good cup of Joe. Next time you’re in Maui, try out one of our many local coffee shops.

                    Brought to Hawaii by the Portuguese in 1878, Malasadas are a fried dough that tastes very similar to beignets or some have said they bear resemblance to Krispy Kreme donuts.

                    Farm Stands and Farmers Markets
                    Fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and baked goods are some of the many things you’ll want to bring back to your condominium. Many farm stands also offer free farm tours, so be sure to ask.

                    • A couple stands on a balcony overlooking a beautifully lit outdoor shopping center with palm trees and a festive ambiance ending the sentence.
                      • SHOPPING

                      Whalers Village

                      Located on Ka’anapli Beach, Whalers Village is the island's premier oceanfront retail center. Outfitted with more than 90 shops featuring premier brands, one-of-a-kind specialty retailers, and a wide variety of restaurants ranging from fast food to full-service, Whalers Village is a hot spot for shopping, dining and entertainment in Maui.

                      Whalers Village is open daily 9:30 a.m - 10 p.m. Contact Whalers Village for more information at 808-661-4567.

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                      • An outdoor shopping area with modern architecture, trees, seating, and shops on both sides. People are walking and sitting, creating a lively atmosphere.
                        • SHOPPING

                        Shops at Wailea

                        On Maui’s South Shore, this open-air, two-story mall is home to more than 70 diverse boutiques, galleries, shops and restaurants. Be sure to check their calendar of events, as they regularly host sunset hula performances, ukulele lessons, and more.

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                        • A wooden tray holds a loaf of bread, a glass mug of dark liquid, a flower, and a beaded necklace on a glass table with a scenic background.
                          • SHOPPING

                          Nahiku Marketplace

                          Located in the middle of Maui's lush rainforest on the Road to Hana, this marketplace offers a variety of tasty food options, crafts, and local art. Be sure to pick up some locally made banana bread when you are out in hana to bring back with you.

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                            • SHOPPING


                            A charming community known for its paniolo (Spanish cowboy) culture that is lined with boutiques, galleries, restaurants and healing centers.

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                            • A coastal scene with palm trees, rocky shore, and buildings in the background under a sunny, blue sky with mountains and clouds.
                              • SHOPPING

                              Kalama Village

                              Located on South Kihei Road in front of Kalama Park and Cove Park, this charming shopping district includes novelty and local shops and restaurants. Sign up for surfing lessons at Cove Park in the morning and then stop by Kalama Village after for lunch.

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                              • Two people are walking on a dirt path through a lush, green forest with tall trees, surrounded by dense vegetation.
                                • HIKING

                                Haleakala National Park

                                Haleakala National Park, the House of the Sun, is a spectacular natural phenomenon steeped in ancient and modern Hawaiian culture. More than 29,000 acres in size, Haleakala is world-famous for its spectacular sunrises and endangered species populations, some of which exist nowhere else in the world.

                                • A boardwalk winding through greenery beside a beach with waves, houses, and palm trees in the background, and two people walking.
                                  • HIKING

                                  Kapalua Coastal Trail

                                  Kapalua Coastal Trail is a three mile out-and-back trail along Maui's northwest coast that runs from Kapalua Bay to DT Fleming Beach Park. Along the way you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Pacific, hidden coves, lava rock formations, tide pools and a skyline etched by high-end resorts, restaurants and shops.

                                  • A white gazebo sits on a grassy hillside with a view of the ocean and distant hills under a cloudy sky.
                                    • HIKING


                                    Upcountry is a term used to describe the towns and region up Haleakala that overlook the Maui valley below. This mostly rural and agricultural side of Hawaii includes many of Maui’s farms, ranches, and gardens, as well as wonderful little towns to explore and restaurants to enjoy. Some favorite towns Upcountry include Kula and Makawao.

                                    • A waterfall cascades into a pool where a person sits on a swing, surrounded by greenery.
                                      • HIKING

                                      Road to Hana

                                      Touted as one of the world’s best road trips, the Road to Hana winds through tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls, around pools and past bamboo forests ending in beautiful Hana. The Road to Hana is all about the journey – not just the destination. For those that prefer not to drive the 620 curves and 59 bridges on their own, there are several guided excursions our concierge can help coordinate.