A Good Substitute to the Full Road to Hana

Published on July 3, 2024


The 52-mile winding road out to Hana past waterfalls, roadside tropical fruit stands, and stunning vegetation really should not be missed. In fact, a trip to watch the sunrise or sunset atop Haleakala Volcano and the roundtrip road to Hana are often voted the top two activities on Maui by tourists year after year.

Despite its allure, it is completely understandable how some visitors may not want to commit to waking up early and spending a majority of the day traversing a meandering two-lane road over bridges built a century ago. The good news is that there is a suitable abbreviated Hana-like experience for those that may only have a couple hours to spare. Twin Falls at Wailele Farm is located on Hana Highway a short 21 minutes past the town of Paia. It is the perfect substitute for the full Road to Hana. Below we will highlight some of the reasons a visit is well worth your time when vacationing on Maui!

Experience a Diverse Tropical Landscape

Keep your head on a swivel when walking the half-mile footpath out to the final waterfall. You will pass banana trees, cacao trees, bamboo groves, colorful hibiscus, ginger, and countless other tropical trees, plants, and flowers. Sign boards near the parking lot visually depict all the different local plants you may come across during your visit.

Taste Something New

Part of the mystique of driving the road to Hana is pulling over to try some locally-made banana bread, sampling a tropical fruit you have never seen before, or enjoying a smoothie blended right before your eyes. Well, the farm stand at Twin Falls will check all these boxes. You can order a coconut with a straw in it, try fresh sugar cane juice, choose from a variety of different banana bread recipes, or order a coffee made from 100% Maui-grown beans. This Farm stand truly does not disappoint!

Swim Underneath a Waterfall

Everyone wants to swim beneath a waterfall when they come to Maui! This is your perfect opportunity to check that box. There is a gentle yet impressive waterfall at the final stop along the 15- to 20-minute hike. The pool beneath the waterfall is expansive and at least eight feet deep in some areas. For those that don’t want to head all the way out to the final waterfall, there is an additional watering hole complete with waterfall just minutes from the parking lot. Try them both if you like!

Set Out on a Nature Hike

Whether you are an avid hiker or city slicker that likes a change of scenery, the trail at Twin Falls is just right for all experience levels. There is not too much of an elevation gain and the trail is very well marked. The occasional shallow stream crossing provides an added level of excitement as the cold rain water touches your bare feet. The hike can easily be made wearing sandals/flip flops.