A Hidden Gem: South Maui Gardens

Published on July 3, 2024


If looking for a unique spot to explore on the south side of Maui, we encourage you to check out South Maui Gardens. Located a block up from the sandy Kihei coastline is literally a hidden oasis. Seven acres filled with towering palm trees, orchids, tropical plants, a fishpond, tortoise pen, and so much more. Below we have broken out a few of the unique offerings that this location provides:

Tropical Nursery

First and foremost, South Maui Gardens is a plant nursery. You can walk the grounds and explore over 500 species of tropical plants, all for sale. You might even come across a colorful orchid or potted flower you want to take home with you to your vacation rental. Scattered throughout the nursery are a wide assortment of statues inspired by cultures from the Far East. A simple walk through the nursery shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and will be nourishing on your senses and quite meditative.

Da Greens Coffee House

Visitors to Maui quickly discover their favorite local coffee spot and often frequent it numerous times during their vacation. Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to how their cup of joe is brewed and poured, so we won’t interject on where to find the best tasting coffee on Maui. We will argue that Da Greens Coffee has one of the most relaxing and tropical settings when it comes to coffee options! Sip your morning pick-me-up next to a trickling pond in the shade of rustling palm trees. Tables and chairs are literally arranged between a tropical nursery.

Unique Wildlife

With an abundance of trees, flowers, and greenery comes a variety of wildlife. Often times colorful butterflies will be fluttering around the gardens and may even land on your finger. A giant land tortoise named George has his own outdoor pen where you can watch him nibble on heathy greens or watermelons. Keep your eyes peels for fluorescent green geckos climbing up the various ferns and trees. Lastly, be on the lookout for any tropical birds that are finding shade in the gardens. Humans aren’t the only species drawn to this cool oasis!

Blue Door Bakery

Located adjacent to Da Greens Coffee House is a spot specializing in 100% organic artisan breads and pizza. Each loaf of bread is prepared and baked the traditional way it has been made in Europe for thousands of years (without yeast). Pick up a baguettes and loaves of sourdough flavored with olive, rosemary, toasted sesame seeds and more. They also prepare a menu of sourdough pizzas that are a perfect lunch treat.

Food Trucks

On the far side of South Maui Gardens is a proper gathering of half a dozen food trucks, complete with shaded picnic tables and chairs. Sometimes it can be hard to come to an agreement on where to eat when you are traveling with a big group or extended family. Appease to everyone’s tastes when you can choose from a selection of eateries ranging from Argentinian cuisine, Indian food, chicken wings, Canadian faire, and so much more.

Famers Markets & Special Events

Plan to visit during a special event hosted on the grounds. Check the South Maui Gardens Instagram account to see if they may be planning an open mic night, farmers and crafters market, movie under the stars, concert, or yoga class. Pick up a coffee, walk the gardens, and enjoy the added fun.

Live Music

It is not uncommon to come across live musicians performing at South Maui Gardens. They too enjoy the beautiful and peaceful setting and have a fun time filling the air with tunes. We have even seen patrons join a musician for an impromptu performance or two.